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Connect with your fans in unique ways

Connect in a meaningful and authentic way!

Thanks to the Discover section, Oshinstar offers artists a unique way to distribute their music while interacting directly with millions of fans.

You can use community posts to interact with your audience through videos, images, tracks, NFTs and more.

You can reply to comments, read private messages, view videos you've participated in, or check your channel's subscriber list.

Direct and meaningful connection

Maintain a close relationship with the community anytime and anywhere in the world through your portfolio.

Develop a recurring revenue stream

Produce content for commercial purposes and interact with your fans. Earn recurring revenue through your exclusive content or monthly contributions through memberships.

Monetize your work through the Marketplace

Artists will have among other tools the possibility to monetize their work through a Marketplace powered by the native token of the OshinCoin ($OSH) platform.

Independent platform
Low commission costs
Fast transactions
Direct and secure interaction