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Oshinstar is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected talents, services and fans to create the most memorable partnerships on Earth.

Discover and connect with new opportunities around the world instantly for free.

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The search capability is one of the most developed elements of Oshinstar.

The platform uses the Inter-Filter Communication Protocol (IFCP). An innovation that allows you to discover and connect with everyone, achieving results quickly through new opportunities.

Promote your creations. Interact with your fans. Get the most out of Oshinstar.

Enter a new universe and connect with artists, professionals and fans from all over the world.
Enter a new universe of connected Artists, Businesses and Fans.‌
Enter a new universe of connected Artists, Businesses and Fans.‌


The power of connection

Connect with your fans in a meaningful and authentic way. Interact with your audience through videos, images, tracks, NFTs and more.

Let your fans become active participants

Earn recurring revenue through exclusive content, NFT, membership, donations and personalized requests from your fans. Sell to your audience directly through Oshinstar without being charged commissions.

Profile to stand out

Showcase your achievements, skills and increase trust in the community. Generate higher quality invitations through your profile.

Find the opportunity of a lifetime

Find the right job or internship for you. Discover and/or receive customized opportunities, including projects, jobs, castings, auditions and internships.

Create and sell NFTs

Discover, create and sell NFTs on Oshinstar's Decentralized Marketplace. Get the opportunity to sell any exclusive multimedia content (Video, Photos, Tracks...) and guarantee royalties from future sales.

The FUEL of the Oshinstar Platform

The OshinCoin (OSH) Token  is an utility token and is the exchange engine for all transactions within the Oshinstar platform.

Decentralized Marketplace

A state-of-the-art decentralized marketplace where digital assets can be exchanged with very low fees and instant confirmation of transactions.


We focus on helping unknown artists get discovered and develop a recurring revenue stream through monetization of their content.

We support companies with their full creative freedom to realize their vision and get the best profiles in the market.

We offer tools to help keep your account secure and your privacy protected.

We have offline playback, so we have the option to download all your content for later viewing.

The most trusted way to build value.

Reputation is a never-ending challenge for social media platforms that enable artist-generated content and do not require invasive personal information to register.

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Artists & Talents

Artists & Talents: Oshinstar brings together fans, artists, businesses, content creators, advertisers and entertainment enthusiasts who can communicate and interact socially with each other without interference from third parties.

Governance: Join a fast-growing career on a secure and stable basis. You will run your own business through a platform created and supported by Oshinstar. While we'll lend you a hand in any way we can, you'll be personally in charge of all your work with complete freedom.

The security and privacy: The security and privacy of the Oshinstar community is of utmost importance. We offer tools to help keep accounts secure and privacy protected for all your digital assets.

Business & autonomous Organizations

Oshinstar's business model enables a global and interactive connection platform for artists to find, create, experience and exchange their professional information and digital creations, in order to propel known and emerging artists to the next stage of their career.

A platform that allows to create direct connections between the community, companies and artists. A place where users can offer the community an infinite range of options. A good starting point to meet the best talents in the market and who you can reach.

Fans & Followers

Join a growing community and earn $OSH incentive rewards by supporting your favorite artist, following their career through membership, profile interaction and/or their creations.

Enjoy and be a part of new experiences in the world of shows and entertainment, and be a part of the artist's journey before their career takes off.

Tools for everybody



Finance your artwork, exhibitions, installations and more.

Sell your works in person and virtually, as well as give special access to future deliveries, widening the scope of your market action.


Connect to the digital music revolution.

Get your music heard in more innovative ways and earn money from both loyal fans and casual listeners around the world through your tracks, concerts and live events.


Finance your training.

Facilitate your communication between the different actors in the world of sport and be part of a network of contacts that will allow you to access the sports market as an emerging athlete.


Promote your work.

Participate in virtual casting from the comfort of your cell phone or computer from anywhere in the world, as well as coordinate casting or interviews in person at your location.


Consolidate yourself as a dance performer.

Take advantage of all our tools and connect with projects where you can develop as a professional dancer.


Host your films in a simple, fast and free way.

Add and share your project in a simple, fast and free way. Focus on creating unique content that reflects your full potential.

Our Investors.

First steps in Oshinstar

Welcome to Oshinstar! Congratulations on taking the first step on your journey to becoming a star. Oshinstar is a place where anyone can feel at home. Let's get started!

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Find content, communities or a profile

Oshinstar is all about finding your own communities interacting and making the content you love. Here are some best practices on how to find a piece of content or that profile you're looking for.

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Frequently asked questions about security

The security of our community is of utmost importance to us. We place great importance on the measures we can take to help protect our users and their information.

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